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"Europe City" Program

In 2013, the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), together with the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) of Helsinki, the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) (Ljubljana) and The Architecture Foundation (London), worked to produce a joint project based on the European Prize for Urban Public Space. Entitled “Europe City”, the program aims to promote and disseminate by means of reflection and debate a series of exhibitions and encounters of experts which will help to strengthen and promote the democratic values of the cities of the Old Continent.

Related activities:

  • EuropeCityBook.jpg

    New Book on Experience Gained from the Prize

    Europe City: Lessons from the European Prize for Urban Public Space is a compendium of lessons learnt from the first eight awards (2000-2014).
  • RealStatePlay_1.jpg

    When Fiction Surpasses Reality

    Ficción Inmobiliaria [Real Estate Fiction, parts I and II] | Left Hand Rotation | Museo de los Desplazados | España/Portugal, 2014-2015 | 00:21:00, 00:26:00 | Several languages > English

    This collage of fictional stories about the city and its inhabitants interweaves fragments of films to offer a critical account of gentrification, one of the great inherent conflicts in the socioeconomic model of an epoch when cities have grown and transf
  • titolcopy.jpg

    The “Culturenauts” Children Simulate Public Space in the City of Barcelona

    Barcelona, 15 July 2015

    In a workshop, which was part of the summer activities programme at the CCCB, publicspace.org worked with children aged between six and fourteen years on how Barcelona’s public
  • Portada_notciacopy.jpg

    Waking up the City: Sensorial Theatre Workshops

    Barcelona, 7 July 2015

    In the second week of the CCCB’s “Culturenauts” activities, the project titled “Waking up the City” has been programmed from 6 – 10 July. Through workshops, the relationship between children and the city and its environ
  • Take_me_to_Rainhamcopy.jpg

    "Take me to the River: A Journey from Rainham to the Thames"

    21 July 2015 | The Royal Academy of Arts (London)

    Conference organized by The Architecture Foundation, about "Opening of Rainham Marshes", special mention in the European Prize for Urban Public Space.
  • portadacopy_1.jpg

    “Shared Cities”, on Show in London

    21/07/2015 - 09/08/2015 | Royal Academy of Arts (London)

    The Architecture Foundation, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts, will exhibit the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2014 in the British capital, with parallel activities.
  • Coscopy.jpg

    The European Prize for Urban Public Space Returns to Prague

    10/07/2015 - 26/09/2015 | Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Prague)

    The “Shared Cities” exhibition showing projects from the 2014 Prize is to be open to the public in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery – which ha
  • Untitled-1copy_15.jpg

    “The Possible City: From Urban Planning to Democracy”

    Debate with Diane Davis, Teresa Caldeira and Richard Burdett

    Richard Burdett, Teresa Caldeira and Diane Davis talk about different realities in urban planning to combat inequalities They all stand out the point that it is necessary to turn urbanism to a more open, wide and democratic process.
  • Playcopy.jpg

    “What Is a Decent City? Between Pragmatism and Utopia”

    Debate between Richard Sennett and Ira Katznelson.

    The sociologist Richard Sennett and the political scientist Ira Katznelson are in favour of applying principles of pragmatic thought in order to improve the form and content of the city, a “decent city”, aiming at what is desirable but bound t
  • Possible_ciutatcopy.jpg

    Debates "Europe City": Possible City

    02/07/2015-04/07/2015 | Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona

    The CCCB and the Social Science Research Council (New York) offer reflection on the challenges facing today’s cities, combining theoretical reflection with suggestions of measures that could bring into being a more
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