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The UrbanScope section offers documentaries and short films dealing with a very wide range of urban matters. The audiovisual works selected here are about the city, whether it is understood as a physical container or the immaterial content dwelling therein. Provided or made publicly accessible through links by their authors or owners, these pieces are mainly concerned with the European idea of the city, although they may also focus on other urban realities when their generalised nature suggests they should be included. This new section is part of the “Europe City” initiative which is funded by the European Union Culture Programme with a view to offering deeper reflection and debate about the values of the European city.
  • the_dark_side_of_the_pale_face.jpg

    The Dark Side of the Pale Face

    Dark Side of the Greens | Anthony Baxter │ United Kingdom, Croatia | 2015 | 59:13 | English

    This documentary probes the relationship between developers and local authorities who use golf as a smokescreen behind which to construct enormous luxury resorts with all the attendant deleterious effects on the environment and protests by local residents
  • urbanscope_mar.jpg

    The Sea, Public Space, Private Frontier

    The Sea Between Us | Caoimhe Butterly │ Greeece, 2016 | 00:46:51 | Arabic > English

    Sketches of women, men and children crossing the Aegean Sea in search of refuge and less precarious lives with some thoughts of people who work with them in a spirit of solidarity. Filmed on the island of Lesbos, Greece.
  • SmartCities2copy.jpg

    Smart City or Shared City

    Smart City: In Search of the Smart Citizen | Sara Blom and Dorien Zandbergen │ The Netherlands, 2015 | 01:04:20 | Dutch > English

    Through a series of interviews with public office holders, representatives of technological companies and citizens taking part in a data-collection experiment, this documentary raises the main paradoxes entailed in the project of making Amsterdam a &ldquo
  • RealStatePlay_1.jpg

    When Fiction Surpasses Reality

    Ficción Inmobiliaria [Real Estate Fiction, parts I and II] | Left Hand Rotation | Museo de los Desplazados | España/Portugal, 2014-2015 | 00:21:00, 00:26:00 | Several languages > English

    This collage of fictional stories about the city and its inhabitants interweaves fragments of films to offer a critical account of gentrification, one of the great inherent conflicts in the socioeconomic model of an epoch when cities have grown and transf
  • 03INNERYATD.jpg

    From Courtyard to City: The Scales of Politics

    Inner Yard | Marika Pecháčková | Studio FAMU | Czech Republic, 2014 | 00:33:41 | Czech > English

    The discussions among a group of residents about removing the fences around separate gardens in the interior space of their block constitute a metaphor for the everyday problems of coexistence in the city.
  • EndofSuburbia00.jpg

    Sprawl: Growth or Metastasis?

    The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream │ Gregory Greene │ The Electric Wallpaper │ Canada, 2004 │ 00:51:43 │ English

    Sprawling suburbs of one-family homes and private cars were the chief sets on the stage of the American dream. Going back to a time when fuel was abundant and cheap, they gave rise to a lifestyle that has turned out to be increasingly unsustainable. What
  • Ekmenopolis.jpg

    The Global City or Infinite Urbanisation

    Ekümenopolis │ Imre Azem │ Kibrifilm │ Turkey, 2011 │ 01:33:26 │ Turkish > English

    If cities are a reflection of human society, what does Istanbul say about humans? What kind of city will future generations inherit? “Ecological limits have been exceeded. Economic limits have been exceeded. Demographic limits have been exceeded. So
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